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Can a Special Needs Trust help with tax deductions?

The benefits of having a SNT are many and taxes are only a part of it. Other benefits include the ability to keep needs-based public benefits, appropriate financial and asset management,  and identifying individuals and/or corporate fiduciaries to administer the assets and advocate for the benefit of the special needs person.

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When Do I Need to Update My Estate Plan?

With the ongoing concerns related to Coivd-19, many spouses and individuals have thought their estate planning documents.  If you have already done the work to make an estate plan, now may be a good time to revisit it to ensure that you still feel the same way about what you put into your documents several years ago. 

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Know When a Senior Should Retire from Driving

No one wants to be the one to take away someone’s driving privilege. However, operating a vehicle is incredibly dangerous even with one’s full faculties and this danger increases with age. Learn some warning signs that your loved one needs to retire his/her driver’s license.

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