Your Special Needs Child is Turning 18? Important To-Dos

If you have a child with special needs who will soon be turning 18, the need to plan for your future, as well as your child’s, is crucial, and the time to plan is the present. Many parents don’t stop to consider that something could happen at any moment, leaving you or your child at […]

How is a Special Needs Trust Different From a Revocable Trust?

A special needs trust is a vital tool for planning the future of children with special needs. Like all trusts, a trustee manages, on behalf of the beneficiary, the funds for the trust. What sets apart the special needs trust from other types of trusts is that they specifically protect the assets and retain public […]

Special Needs Trust: Writing Your Letter of Intent

Parents of kids with special needs should take additional care when planning for their future to make sure that their kids will receive appropriate support and care once they’re no longer around to care for them. The letter of intent is among the most vital estate planning documents parents can prepare. The primary goal of […]

How to Plan for Nursing Home Long-Term Care Costs

As many individuals get older, they are faced with the reality that they may have to reside in a nursing home or assisted living facility at some point in the future. The costs associated with long-term medical care and treatment at these facilities can be extraordinarily high. Consequently, it is important that you start preparing […]

Is a Conservatorship Permanent?

In a conservatorship, a judge of the court appoints an organization or a person to act as the conservator for a vulnerable adult who cannot provide for his/her own finances or care for himself/herself. The vulnerable adult is known as the conservatee. There are several types of conservatorships that exist in California under the California […]

What is a Conservatorship and How Does It Work?

In the State of California, a conservatorship is a proceeding that takes place in court. During the hearing, the court will decide as to whether an adult is able to manage his or her own basic needs. These needs include the ability to manage one’s finances, obtain medical care, and obtain food and shelter. The […]

What Power Does a Conservator Have?

In California, a conservatorship may be set up when an adult is unable to manage or satisfy his/her basic needs. For example, the vulnerable adult might not be able to obtain food or shelter, manage finances, or obtain the medical care and treatment that he or she needs. When a conservatorship is set up in […]

Advanced Health Care Directive: Things to Think About

Planning for the future is a complex process that can require you to ask yourself questions that might be uncomfortable, especially those about healthcare decisions related to catastrophic accidents or terminal conditions. When you have an injury or illness that makes you incapable of deciding what to do with your healthcare, it is important to […]

What To Do if Your Parent is in “The Grey Zone”

Old age is inevitable for those healthy enough to get there. Much as getting old is inevitable in this sense, it is equally inevitable if you have an aging parent or both, you will have to grapple with many issues that come with aging before you reach your senior years. The most common of these […]

Preying on Seniors

Within the modern world, the opportunities for individuals to be taken advantage of by those without the scruples to not do so have expanded increasingly. While in the past, seniors might be targeted by scammers out to take their money or identities over the telephone or through the mail, modern technology has opened the door […]