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Medi-Cal Planning

Nursing homes are the best place for the elderly and those with debilitating conditions. However, nursing homes are costly, ranging from $8,500 to $15,000 per month. A lifetime’s savings can vanish in a very short period of time. Some initial costs may be covered by Medicare. However, Medicare does not pay for long-term skilled care. Luckily, California has a solution in the form of Medi-Cal. Medi-Cal covers the cost of nursing home care. Although Medi-Cal has strict eligibility requirements, with the proper planning, nearly everyone can qualify for benefits.

There is a common misconception that giving away assets to family members will help to meet these eligibility requirements. Currently, California examines your assets and financial transactions (including gifting) 30 months prior to the date of your application. This is also known as the look-back period. Dissolving assets improperly during this period could result in Medi-Cal ineligibility! An attorney can guide you through these complicated rules, and develop strategies within the law to meet these eligibility requirements without incurring significant ineligibility penalties.

Elder Law Attorneys Help Assure Medi-Cal Benefits

At Bryant Elder Law, our Medi-Cal planning attorneys help with the challenges of the Medi-Cal approval process. We handle everything from qualification planning, completing the application, and all communications with the Department of Health Care Services. We also help with the Medi-Cal recovery process when your loved one has passed.

There are a few key differences between our law firm and others. First, we provide this service as a flat fee. Next, the level of communication between our law firm and the state is second to none. We also develop a plan that will reduce one’s eligibility from years to months, or even less time. In addition, we implement proper estate planning techniques to ensure that the state does not put a lien against the estate at death. Our services are designed to offer the best combination of service and security.

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