Advanced Health Care Directive: Things to Think About

Planning for the future is a complex process that can require you to ask yourself questions that might be uncomfortable, especially those about healthcare decisions related to catastrophic accidents or terminal conditions. When you have an injury or illness that makes you incapable of deciding what to do with your healthcare, it is important to have a plan in place to ensure that your wishes are honored.

The decision to be kept alive through life-sustaining technology is a difficult one, but it will impact how you live and how your condition might impact your family members and loved ones. Below, learn more about some things to think about with your advanced healthcare directive and how a trusted estate planning attorney can help you make the most informed decision possible.

Do I Want to be Kept Alive By Machines?

The main question you’ll have to ask yourself in terms of deciding what to do in the event you have faced a life-threatening event is whether you want to be kept alive through the assistance of machines if necessary, and if so, for how long. Knowing what you prefer in terms of your medical care in the event of a catastrophic event can be a difficult answer to come to and process.

This is something you can discuss with your loved ones to learn what they think about the situation and also speak about it with your physician and attorney. Different decisions are fitting for different people, so being informed about all of the possible options can help you decide what you personally want to do.

Incorporate Your Advanced Directive into Your Estate Planning

The advanced directive is an element of your overall estate planning package. Most people associate estate planning with the writing of a will and the establishment of a clear path that your assets and property will follow upon your passing. However, it also addresses what will happen if you become incapacitated and are unable to make decisions or care for yourself.

Having an estate plan is important if you want to have control over how your assets are distributed and so your healthcare is in line with your wishes. Having an advanced health care directive and selecting a trusted power of attorney for healthcare will help to ensure that you will receive your preferred treatment in the event of a traumatic event that makes you incapable of making a decision at the time.

A Local California Estate Planning Attorney Can Help With Your Advanced Health Care Directive

Your estate plan should be comprehensive enough to not only address what happens after you pass away, but also what happens should an injury or illness render you incapacitated and in need of assistance. When it comes time to set your plan on how your assets and property will be distributed in the future and to determine what happens to your healthcare support if you cannot decide for yourself, an estate planning attorney can help.

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