What Are the Most Important Estate Planning Factors?

‘Expect the best,‘ they say. ‘Be ready for the worst.’ Though we must all cultivate a cheerful attitude, we should also take precautions to ensure that life’s unexpected events do not catch us and our loved ones off guard. You should carefully consider preparing an estate plan with an estate planning attorney in California to […]

Estate Planning and Charities

Estate planning is essential for all elderly individuals. When a person dies without a trust or a will in place, the person’s remaining property and money will typically go to various individuals pursuant to California law. Therefore, when a person dies intestate, it is usually the state of California that will determine which person receives […]

What Happens to My Online Accounts After I Die?

Your online presence might be very important to you and takes up a considerable amount of time in your day-to-day life. Establishing social media profiles and presence takes time and effort and is basically a creation that we make as a representation of ourselves. If you are wondering what happens to social media profiles after […]

Advanced Health Care Directive: Things to Think About

Planning for the future is a complex process that can require you to ask yourself questions that might be uncomfortable, especially those about healthcare decisions related to catastrophic accidents or terminal conditions. When you have an injury or illness that makes you incapable of deciding what to do with your healthcare, it is important to […]

Pets and Estate Planning

When you consider estate planning, you likely think about your property and your close family members, such as your spouse or your children. But what about another important member of the family – your pet? What will happen to your beloved dog, cat, or bird if something happens to you? California is a state that […]

Now is the Time to Create or Review Your Estate Plan

Estate planning is not necessarily an enjoyable topic to consider. Ultimately, you put an estate plan in place in anticipation of an incapacitating or fatal injury or illness, and this is nothing we like to think about. However, waiting to address estate planning issues can be a huge mistake, and it can impact your family […]

What to Expect When Qualifying as an Executor of an Estate

Administrators and executors of a deceased individual’s estate are personal representatives who are appointed by a court of law to serve in that capacity. Executors have numerous responsibilities that they are often tasked with, and they are responsible for carrying out these duties properly and efficiently. In fact, failing to exercise diligence in carrying out […]

What Questions Do I Ask the Estate Lawyer?

Effective and thorough estate planning is not just for elderly people. In fact, estate planning is something that everyone should consider. Having a good estate plan in place can help your loved ones save a significant amount of time and money when they need to settle and distribute your estate. A California estate planning attorney […]

Can I Change an Irrevocable Trust?

By the Law Offices of Lisa C. Bryant, INC. If you own real property in California, it very likely you made a revocable living trust to protect your property from probate at your death. Most living trusts are only revocable so long as the creator of the trust has capacity and is still living. For […]

Can I Virtually Execute My Estate Planning Documents?

By the Law Offices of Lisa C. Bryant, INC. The pandemic has touched our lives in many unforeseen ways. It has served as a wake-up call for many to get their estate planning done. Many attorneys are meeting with clients virtually or by phone; however, for estate planning, many documents require witnesses and/or notarization. In […]