What is Probate?

Probate is a legal process occurring in probate court after someone’s death that deals with their finances and assets. It ascertains the validity of the deceased individual’s will and if someone has been appointed as the executor of their estate. An executor handles the estate and distributes its assets according to the will. If there […]

Your Special Needs Child is Turning 18? Important To-Dos

If you have a child with special needs who will soon be turning 18, the need to plan for your future, as well as your child’s, is crucial, and the time to plan is the present. Many parents don’t stop to consider that something could happen at any moment, leaving you or your child at […]

Early Special Needs Planning Can Save Assets

If you are the parent of a special needs child, you probably have concerns about how you can best care for and protect your child’s needs going forward. In most instances, putting protections in place to plan for your child’s future can help make your and your family’s financial position much more safe and secure. […]

The Two Types of Special Needs Trusts

The purpose of a special needs trust, sometimes abbreviated as an SMT, is to allow an individual who is disabled to still be eligible to pursue and recover various types of public assistance benefits — even if their assets would make them unable to obtain these benefits under usual circumstances. The State of California recognizes […]

Three Reasons to Consider a Special Needs Trust

A special needs trust, also called a supplemental needs trust, holds and protects financial assets for the benefit of a specified disabled beneficiary. There are countless reasons to select a special needs trust for the financial well-being of someone you love with special needs. Here are three of the most common for you to consider. […]

How Much Money Can You Put in a Special Needs Trust?

Parents with a special needs child understand better than most people the importance of preparing for the future. When they can no longer financially or physically care for their child in direct ways, they have options to ensure their child is still taken care of. One of these options is a special needs trust. What […]

Special needs trust: things to consider

When you have a child or close family member with special needs, you might need to form a special needs trust to plan for their future. The following is some information to consider when creating a special needs trust, and never hesitate to discuss specific questions with an estate planning attorney. Why a special needs […]

What can funds in a special needs trust be used for?

When someone has a disability, they cannot receive direct financial support from others and remain eligible for certain federal benefits. If you want to ensure they have funds to improve their quality of life, you can form a special needs trust. This is a legal tool that allows a third party to manage assets and […]

How is a Special Needs Trust Different From a Revocable Trust?

A special needs trust is a vital tool for planning the future of children with special needs. Like all trusts, a trustee manages, on behalf of the beneficiary, the funds for the trust. What sets apart the special needs trust from other types of trusts is that they specifically protect the assets and retain public […]

Special Needs Trust: Writing Your Letter of Intent

Parents of kids with special needs should take additional care when planning for their future to make sure that their kids will receive appropriate support and care once they’re no longer around to care for them. The letter of intent is among the most vital estate planning documents parents can prepare. The primary goal of […]