Strokes are a big deal. They are the fourth leading cause of death. Strokes also cause a lot of long-term disability and health problems. While conditions like high blood pressure can be a risk factor, even people with no risk factors can experience a stroke. It’s vital for all older adults to learn the four stroke warning signs. Teach them to your friends and family members, too. Don’t wonder, did I have a stroke? Remember: F.A.S.T.

Did I Have a Stroke? Remember F.A.S.T. and Teach Everyone You Know

F is for face drooping. If a person can’t smile, or feels numb on one side of the body, in an arm or leg, this is a serious cause for concern.
A is for arm weakness. When one arm is suddenly weak or numb, try to lift both arms. If one drifts downward, there’s a problem.
S is for speech difficulty. If speech slurs suddenly or becomes hard to understand, ask the person to repeat something simple, like “Today is Wednesday.” If they can’t, or you can’t understand them, that is another of the stroke warning signs.
T is for time to call 9-1-1. Any one of these symptoms could indicate a stroke, even if it goes away. Time is of the essence. Calling for help within five minutes of a stroke can greatly increase the odds that the person will not have long-term consequences.
Learn more about the signs of a stroke at the American Stroke Association.

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