5 Best Tips to Keep Fit After 50

The general health advice we hear all the time is “eat well and exercise”. As we age, exercise can help to keep our bodies stronger and prevent injury. Even if you haven’t exercised regularly in a long time, it’s never too late to get fit after 50. So, what is the best way to exercise after 50? We have some suggestions. If you have any health concerns or haven’t had a regular exercise in a while, be sure to discuss any plans for exercise with your doctor

  1. Go for a walk.
  2. A short walk, even 15 minutes, can be super helpful for getting your heartrate up, developing your muscles, and clearing your head. Work up to 30 minutes gradually, if you are just starting out. If you don’t have another choice, a treadmill will work. However, breathing fresh air and getting sunshine are also very important for your walk.

  3. Get some strength training going.
  4. Again, for beginners, start out slowly. Get a couple of free weights you can handle comfortably. If you belong to a gym, consider getting a couple of sessions with a trainer. A trainer can help you with correct form to avoid injury and get the most from your workout.

  5. Strengthen your core.
  6. The core refers to the muscles around your midsection. When these are strong, they help keep your back in proper alignment and decrease pain throughout your body. Yoga and pilates often focus on the core and are both very gentle.

  7. Stretch before and after you work out.
  8. This will help warm up your muscles so you avoid straining them. As you start a new routine, it’s common to have a bit of soreness the day after your workout. You can invest in an Elbow Cushion Sleeve for Men and women, or for other joints should you need to. They keep your joints and muscles safe from injury as they act as shock absorbers during exercise. However, if you feel pain, especially if it impedes your daily life, consult your doctor or a fitness professional.

  9. Find activities you enjoy.
  10. Biking can be a fun way to stay fit. Swimming is a great choice to keep fit after 50. Team sports are also fun and a great way to meet new people. Experiment with activities until you find a few that are really fun for you.

Exercise After 50 Is Important! Fitness Keeps Your Energy Up

As we age, not only do our fitness needs change, so do our legal needs. Feel free to get in touch with the Law Offices of Lisa C. Bryant for advice with legal issues.

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