Top 3 Little Known Retirement Planning Tips to Enjoy Your Golden Years

When it comes to Retirement planning with Joslin Rhodes, most advice focuses on how to save money and manage a 401K or pension plan. And of course, good planning is very important for a dignified retirement. However, it’s vital to remember the rest of life in your plans, too.

  1. Questions to ask yourself.

    How will you find fulfillment? How will you maintain your social network? What new activities or groups will help you develop a new sense of self as a retired person?

  2. Have a plan of action.

    As awareness grows about the importance of social connection and a sense of meaning and purpose, retirement planning is beginning to tackle these important issues. A good thought experiment is to think about all the things you’ve been promising yourself you’d do once you were retired. Make a list–places to visit, classes to take, creative projects to begin, and anything else you’ve wanted to do. What feels most appealing to you now? Begin to take steps to make those retirement dreams a reality, whether it’s setting up projects that you really want to do during retirement or making sure that you have financial security. If you are interested in financial planning, you can learn more about retirement financial planning by visiting a site similar to –

  3. Build a strong social network.

    While you’re making your list, jot down ways to keep up with friends. Consider meeting still-working friends on their lunch breaks. Maybe you’d like to join a hiking group or a reading group to meet people with common interests. Many retired professionals find great satisfaction in volunteering their skills at non-profit organizations. It’s a way to give back to the community and mentor young people just starting their careers.

Good Estate Planning Is Vital for a Joyful Retirement

Be sure you have a plan to continue in fulfilling relationships and pursuits. And if you need help with estate planning, call the law offices of Lisa C. Bryant.

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