5 Tips To Stay Healthy at Any Age

5 Tips to a Healthy Lifestyle

Aging is a process that slows our metabolism and changes the way we live on a daily basis. Here is a list of activities and dietary ideas to help you live your best age. Of course, if you are making any dietary changes, it is best to consult with your doctor. Some foods are known to conflict with certain prescription medicine, for example.


A short walk, even 15 minutes, can be super helpful for getting your heart rate up. 30 minutes per day of increased heart rate is the ultimate goal, even if it means you must work up to it. Cardio helps your body circulate and can help keep your brain sharp.

Weight Lifting

Lifting weights doesn’t necessarily mean lifting heavy weights. Lighter weight with more reps can help keep your muscles tone. Tone muscles use more calories and keep your core trim. Maintaining a solid core is instrumental in flexibility and posture.


Exercise is a byproduct of being active. The key is to find an activity/hobby that is the least sedentary. This should be done with others as a social thing. A favorite is always golf. It gets you out of your home, spending time with friends and is exercise. Other examples could be tennis, bowling, hiking and biking. Do what you love with people you enjoy and the exercise will do your heart some good in multiple ways.

Digestive Health

Digestion is a very important part of eating right. Digestion helps maintain blood pressure and increases energy levels. It takes extra energy to digest when digestion is impaired. A diet high in fiber is essential. Avoid consuming too much oil in your diet as this slows digestion. There is a balance that ensures your meals “keep moving” through your body. Excess waste stored in your body can cause many health problems, including brain fog, irregular bowels and even colon cancer. Taking care of your body can help to mitigate the chance of illness taking over and disrupting your working life – many people take out critical illness life insurance for precisely this reason.

Circulatory Health

Some foods have been known to help circulation. Beets are the most popular choice when discussing this. They are high in Nitrates, which turn into Nitric Oxide in your body. Other foods that are known to help with the heart include spinach, radishes, lettuce, celery, and Chinese cabbage.

Diet and fitness combine to keep you feeling young and energetic. As we age, we think more about our bodily needs. That is the time to also consider your legal needs. Feel free to get in touch with the Law Offices of Lisa C. Bryant for advice with wills and trusts among other things.

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