Technology for All Seniors

Technology for All Seniors

Technology can be difficult for seniors. Often, technology developers don’t keep older adults in mind when creating a product.  Many of us, not just seniors, would enjoy bigger buttons on our phones and tablets, easy to use reminders and well-lit screens. Although many seniors shy away from using modern day devices, some items can improve their daily lives. Every senior should try to use a cell phone, a medication management system and a medical alert system.

Cellular Phones

Are you intimidated by your cell phone? Feel like there’s too many things to learn?  There are features that can make cell phone use more manageable. Try the options that make the font larger on your screen or increase the sound. You can also set up light flashes and vibration for phone alerts (for incoming calls, text messages, alarms, etc.).  Your phone may also have dictation features so you may speak instead of having to type on the small keypad when texting.

If smart phones are too overwhelming, there are phones made just for seniors. These phones (such as the Jitterbug) have easy to read menus and preset buttons to call for help. Some phones are also hearing aid compatible.

Whether you take advantage of the options on a smart phone or opt for a phone designed with seniors in mind, don’t let the fear of using a cell phone keep you from being able to communicate with your loved ones.

Smart Pill Boxes/Pill Dispensers

How often does managing your medication become overwhelming? Do you forget to take your medication? There are “smart” pill boxes that assist in this area. These boxes can remind you to take your medication or warn you if are going to accidentally take a second dose. The boxes use a visual or audio alert to let you know when it is time to take your medication. Many of these pill dispensers will send text message notifications to you or your caregiver about your medication schedule. There are many models to choose from so be sure to review them to decide which one best fits your medication routine.

Medical Alert Systems

“I’ve fallen and can’t get up!” Everyone is familiar with this saying, but do you know which technology product it relates to? Medical alert systems (such as MobileHelp, Bay Alarm Medical and Life Alert) notify paramedics and your family if there is an emergency. Some medical alert systems even have a fall detection feature. When choosing a medical alert system, be sure the device can operate without a Wi-Fi connection and has a long battery life. This is lifesaving technology every senior needs.

Try and keep an open mind and let go of any preconceived notions that technology is complicated and not “your thing”.  Technology can make things easier and safer for everyone; as an older adult, it’s important not to underestimate how technology can help you in your golden years.

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