Funding Your Trust

Back to Basics: Funding Your Trust

Congratulations! You did the work and made your living trust. Now what? You need to be sure you put your assets into the trust.  Most attorneys will prepare the paperwork to ensure your house is titled in the name of your trust, but you are responsible for your remaining assets. For example, for financial accounts, you will need to provide the financial institution with your trust and often with a document called certificate of trust (this tells the bank who the current acting trustee of your trust is) and then direct that your accounts be titled in the name of your living trust.

Funding your trust is important in California. If you die and your estate (all property outside your trust) is greater than $166,250.00, then your trustee will be forced to go to court to ask that your assets be put into your trust. This costs additional time and money for your loved ones.

If you already have a living trust and have questions about titling, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Lisa C. Bryant, INC at (408) 286-2122 or (714) 276-2788.

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