Trust Administration Lawyers | Santa Ana

Trust administration is a huge responsibility. The trust administrator usually has multiple responsibilities that, if done incorrectly, exposes the administrator to liability. Add to this the fact that many trust administrators are also trying to grieve. There is no reason to bear the burden alone. Attorneys do this every day and are available to help.

At Bryant Elder Law, we diligently guide individuals through the trust administration process. With a focus on trust, probate and estate planning, we can help you with any issues that come your way.

The Trust administrator, also known as the trustee, must complete several important legal steps to ensure he or she administers the Trust correctly. Our office assists trustees with these tasks, including:

  • Notification to all beneficiaries, as required by California law
  • Discovering, identifying, inventorying and appraising assets
  • Mediation with creditors and debts
  • Asset distribution per the terms of the trust

Compared to the probate process, trust administration is far less time, stress and money. We will do everything in our power to make the entire process as smooth and efficient as possible. Call us at 800-970-3414 or contact us online. Ask us about our free initial consultation and our flat fee pricing.


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