Are you afraid your loved one will need a lifetime of long-term care?

At Bryant Elder Law, we understand being a full-time caregiver is scary and stressful. The reality might be that your age, job or health is preventing you from providing the physical and emotional care that your loved one needs.

Many people believe that they have too many resources to qualify for Medi-Cal. The truth is Bryant Elder Law offers the proper legal planning that can allow your family to qualify for Medi-Cal benefits that will pay for long-term skilled nursing home care for the rest of your loved one’s life.

Medi-Cal planning allows you to maintain your personal relationships and not burnout on caregiving. It allows your loved one to get the 24-hour care that they need. Working with Bryant Elder Law provides financial and emotional relief. You no longer have to worry about the financial stress that keeps you up at night. Medi-Cal benefits can allow you to focus on your family.

Let us take this weight off your shoulders. Call Bryant Elder Law for your no-cost consultation today.

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