Does your family know what to do if you have a serious medical emergency?

Life is unpredictable. Even a routine commute to work can result in a serious car accident that can put you in a position where you cannot manage your finances or make medical decisions for yourself. If this were to happen to you, have you done the proper planning to ensure that your loved ones can take care of you?

Creating an estate plan allows you to protect your assets for your family and ensures that you have appointed someone to be responsible for your life if you cannot act.  If you do not prepare the legal paperwork, including a living trust, power of attorney and healthcare directive, your family will have to go through a conservatorship court process in order make financial and medical decisions for you.  This costs time, money and adds additional emotional stress on your loved ones.

Many married couples make the mistake of assuming that they are automatically entitled to make decisions for on another; however, if an asset is in the injured spouses name alone, then a power of attorney appointing the well-spouse is typically needed before a financial institution will allow access to the well-spouse.

Do not let life catch you and your family unprepared.  Complete your estate plan and have the peace of mind knowing that when the unexpected happens, you and your family are prepared.

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